It’s the last day of October. Today is Halloween. November and December are chalk full of distractions. Between carving the turkey and decorating the tree, we are all

About to enter a season of divided attention.

Knowing this is, for most of us, a reality. I’d encourage us all to embrace the distraction and enjoy time with family and friends. This does come with a price… one small but important caveat. You’ve got to earn it.

Youve got to double down efforts while you are in the saddle. Youve got to bring heightened focus into the day to day. You have to make every moment productive and spent wisely. Sending your brain into a 4th quarter coma is a huge mistake.

Small non-business example.

Don’t think that just because thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up that you should just start your “diet” next year. That kind of thinking winds up in anporpetual “my diet starts on Monday” mentality. Instead… start today.

Small relationship example.

Not spending quality time consistently with your family because…I’ll see plenty of them over the holidays is another lapse in thinking. (Opinion) Challenge yourself to be present where you are. Don’t presumtuasly assume you’ll have time later.

Small business example.

Procrastination of most important tasks is death. Waiting till next year is too late. Crush your most important work now. Stop waiting. Do.

We can all get distracted. Distractions aren’t bad. We just have to pay the price in advance. You will be thankful and FEEL better at thanksgiving if you gave all you had in the office. Your time eating waffles and opening presents with your kids will be better if you have invested in relationships with them daily.

This is for me.