This post is two part:

Part 1, Macro-Audit | Part 2, Micro-Audit


Instagram quote cards are starting to fill the timelines of people following motivational and business icons or there following. People love quotes. Love putting quotes out as a representation of who they are. Quotes that sound so so good. Here’s a few examples of what I see: “Give, expect nothing in return.” “Don’t live for the weekend.” “Legacy over currency.”

Take my opinion with a grain of salt. That’s ALL it is worth. Actually stop reading this. Social media has created this world where we can give our two cents. We think our two cents has scale therefore it is worth something. Quotes are powerful. Actions are more powerful. We live inside of words we can write, images we can create, and the best part… none of it has to be real.

Let me try to say it a different way. Take down the motivational content and let you actions motivate. Let you grind motivate. Let your work ethic motivate. Let your behaviors inspire.

Takeaway 1: Take down your talk, till your walk matches.

Takeaway 2: Copies will never beat the original.


I do this. I have done this.

I give my two cents about topics and things that I should not give. I do not ha e the authority nor have I put enough work into building something worth emulating. I give somebody a one-liner but my actions fall so far short of my mouth. My thumbs on my phone. My talk is so cheap.

Takeaway 1: You can’t change others. Change yourself.

Takeaway 2: Andrew, shut your mouth and work.