Two thoughts.

Had about 2 weeks away from writing and here is basically my take aways from the “vacation” from creating here.

  1. No one really cares is not a good excuse for me to back off goals and personal hustle. It is so clear that I am way too metrics based. Think about this for a second with me if you care to. Here we are, 2016. Everything posted is evaluated by the world…or at least the friends and strangers who follow us. We create something and then watch the world respond. Regardless of who you are we are all lined up and compared based on likes and views. When I started writing on this platform it was really for no other purpose than to sharpen the skill. Not to land a book deal. Your internet game does not define you, it exposes you.
  2. Tracking progress is an absolutely essential part of growth for 2 reasons that are incredibly simple and yet incredibly undervalued. The first is knowing where you are in relation to the objective. It seems almost stupid for this to be one of my vacation “AHA” moments but it was. Take away number 2! We have to track progress to keep us grateful for how far we’ve come. Too often we feel like we are not gaining any traction. We feel as though we are not closer to the goal. Tracking keeps our perception rooted in reality.

I could unpack these for words on words. But the point of this thing is not to bore my one reader to death. It’s to word vomit my brain.

“Clarity is power.”

SUMMARY: Do not look to the right or the left. Stay focused on the goal you’ve set. Don’t get so focused on how others receive it…just do the right thing again and again and again. Track these right choices and see that you are building an unshakable foundation.

[Currently working on video content that will definitely unpack these thoughts more.]