Who wrote it?

We are currently living in a headline / microwaved news generation. We are spoon fed our news daily. Almost 80% of our news is consumed through social media!! The way we absorb information is changing at head-spinning pace. So many articles, so many blogs, so many videos, so many opinions, so little time…We are oversaturated with so much content that our attention span has dramatically decreased. We feel entitled to opinions about everything that appears on our timeline. We feel that our perspectives must be given about everything.

So, I guess the whole point of this RANT is simply this. Stop reading this post if I’m not trustworthy. Stop reading articles by authors you do not know. Stop assuming that anyone with a “best-selling book” or blog a clean design & great logo is feeding you REALITY. Start asking “WHO WROTE IT?” before consuming books, articles, posts? Ask yourself if you trust the author with your brain, opinion, and time.

Time is your most precious asset. Do not give it to just anyone. Steer your attention to sources you trust.

Be critical. Ask questions. #StayEngaged.

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