7 Transformative Beliefs to Maintain and Upgrade Your Life

I was finishing up the last of a series of coaching sessions with a client the other day. We chose to use this final session to recap, acknowledge and re-affirm the new beliefs that he’d grown into from the work we’d done together — essentially, strengthening these newly formed neural pathways in his brain!

We had been working on criticism — from others and ourselves — and how criticisms can cripple our resolve to live life resourcefully. The transformative beliefs that he’s embraced have already made him a better team player and manager at work — and given him the confidence to step up as a leader in all other areas of his life.

Being a husband and a father, this ripple effect has created a flow-on to his home life — his family. And most of all, his intrinsic sense of worth and empowerment has grown. These internal resources are going to be his keys to upgrading and maintaining his life for now, and into the future. These are internal resources that he can tap into again and again when life throws him his next big thing!

Belief #1: No failure, just feedback

Mistakes support a journey of learning and growing if we are OK with taking the lessons from these mistakes. Let go of control so you can trust yourself and others to sharpen your skills together. Allow you and others the opportunities to grow.

Belief #2: Acknowledgement

Acknowledge achievements and anchor your body and mind to the resources and skills that have helped you in the past. These tools are here to help you step up to the next big thing.

Belief #3: Cycle of Performance

Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing is a continuous cycle. Storming airs discontent and provides a platform for resourceful change. These changes sharpen the tools for success. And then the cycle repeats to support the next upgrade.

Belief #4: A stream of tasks

Tasks are a continuous stream — this is Life! Priorities and expectations come and go. Choose to prioritise. Be OK with tasks rolling over. Who else could I outsource or delegate tasks to? So what if I don’t complete this specific task?

Belief #5: DWI (Deal With It)

If it is worth dealing with, Deal With It! Shift the questions in our minds from “Why me?” (a victim of life) to How could I improve this situation? (a problem-solver) and WHAT can I do now to improve the situation? (a do-er). Be the HERO in your LIFE’s journey!

Belief #6: Language works

Less “why?”. MORE “WHAT?” and “HOW?”
Less “must”. MORE “MIGHT”
Less “should”. MORE “COULD”
Less “need to”. MORE “WANT TO”

Belief #7: Value over criticism

As we acknowledge our own value in a situation, all external criticisms are dampened. Choose to step up to address situations by backing ourselves up — communicate with clarity, empathy and empowerment. This creates a culture of Value.

Infographic: Upgrading and Maintaining Life

I asked my client what he thought to be the purpose of these beliefs. He said they are “not about fixing things” but about upgrading and maintaining life!

Because of his preference as a visual learner, I whipped up a visual of these new beliefs as an infographic that he can print out and stick up on a wall at work as a reminder of what he’s already learned.

You too might be inspired to check this infographic out as you adopt these beliefs (or form your own transformative beliefs) to propel you towards more success, love and happiness in your life — ready for the next stage of your evolution!