Self Realization

So late night I had an epiphany, well, epiphany is not the right word, it’s more of a realization. (I’ve just always wanted to say that. Bucket list #321)

Last night I was invited into AnakIn Artz’s sanctuary, the recording studio to vibe and see the inner workings of how Anakin comes up with the things he comes up with. It was a really great experience, I got to meet a lot of really dope talented people, and everyone just clicked. While they were speaking on a few business matters, I offered to help with the creation of the Reject Dreams* website.

So I’ve noticed something about myself at this point. I noticed that at that particular moment, with everything I have on my plate, which is a lot, I was more interested in someone else’s project more than my own. I make this a point, because I find myself in this situation a lot. I seem to offer a hand to help out others rather than focusing on my self and my art. This is both a blessing and a curse. Because I offer to help people, I tend to be in situations where I can network more effectively, and have others speak highly of the work I did for them. Then there’s the down side. I find myself in situations where a lot of my work doesn’t get done or is postponed because I’m too busy focusing on other people’s work.

I’ve made a choice after this project with AnakIn Artz, to allow myself to hold back the urge to help someone when I myself have work to do. I have go proactively say no to other people to focus on my own work. This will be my goal for the remainder of the year, to hold back and say no.

Hopefully I’m not being too full of myself, but I think it’s important for people to make connections, but I feel it’s just as important for people to focus on themselves. There’s a famous quote floating around out there that goes something like this. “Follow and work towards your dreams or someone else with hire you to help build theirs.”