That Laughter

Henry, laughing while eating too much sugar.

Laughter echoes throughout house, spilling from room to room. Like ocean waves crashing against the beach, Henry’s giggle roars until he runs out of breath. The joyful sound ebbs into gasps of air, then words:

“Diareeeeda. Diareeeeda.”

The ebullient laugh returns, and the cacophony of laughter and play return, only to echo this formula over and over again.

At age three, Henry has already mastered the art of potty humor, finding talk of “diareeeda” (diarrhea) to be, perhaps, the funniest topic in the universe.

Although not truly funny (especially to parents who all-too-frequently are tasked to clean), his refrain serves as a reminder of the joys in life, even on a sleepy Monday morning.

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