Life with Kids, a Sleeping Tale

You know life is crazy when:

Child 2 (E) is having trouble sleeping, so you temporarily move child 1 (A) into child 3's (H) room so A can go to sleep earlier.

After going to bed late, E has trouble falling asleep and crawls into A’s bed. I escort E back to her bed.

After E falls asleep, H cries for Mommy, waking A. We comfort H, and he quiets down. H cries again and wakes A. I then crawl into H’s toddler bed to help him fall asleep. (I’m 6'-2"). Imagine that.

H falls asleep. I depart. H cries again. To help all sleep, I take H to A’s bed in the girls room to sleep.

So our night looks like this: A is in H’s room, and H and I are in A’s bed in the girls’ room.