Although you most likely know what imposter syndrome is, I’ll pull up the definition just so you know what definition I’m working with here.

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Feeling like an imposter:

It’s something that most of us have faced/will face at some point in our professional careers. For me, I struggled with this during my first engineering position as a Co-Op at Toyota Motors North America. From the time I landed the interview to three months in to my position, I felt like I just got lucky to land that position. Frankly, I was (I’ll touch more on this later).

In the Fall of 2017, I attended the SHPE National Conference in Kansas City. I was a sophomore at the time, and I was there with many juniors and seniors who, before even arriving to the conference, already had plenty of interviews lined up. I didn’t expect to have anywhere near that level of prospects, but I just want to frame my surroundings going into the conference. The second day of the career fair at the conference, I was able to land an interview with Toyota, and that same night I got an offer. Even though that was two for two, I felt like I didn’t really earn it, and that Toyota must have messed up when screening me. …


Andrew Manzanero

I’m a Software Developer who loves full-stack web development and cloud computing! I am also passionate about sharing career experiences and career advice :)

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