What Fresh New Hell Is This?

I’ve had two. The first was over twenty years ago, the second, this past year. In both cases, they got stuck rather high up. Both times I thought I was dying.

The first started while my family was about to take a trip. It felt like a back ache until we were driving down the highway, when it felt like my body was trying to kill me. Without saying a word, I pulled off the highway when I saw a “hospital this exit” sign and drove straight to the ER without speaking, which I couldn’t have done anyway.

The second started at night, and my spouse drove me to the ER — fortunately, the stone dislodged along the way (the city I live in has notoriously bad roads). But again, the pain was so very bad — and from lack of familiarity, I didn’t realize it was a stone — that I thought I might die. And then the jouncing moved it and by the time we got to the hospital I was significantly improved.

My spouse has also had a stone, and needed non-invasive intervention to get it out. Hers had lodged in the bladder, so it was different situation, but she was so relieved to get it out…

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