Quick Overview of CyberMiles, AlphaCat, and WePower

Andrew Fujan
Jan 11 · 4 min read

Instead of digging deep into a single project, this article will review the last 6 months of 3 projects previously researched. The point is to make sure that they are still active and have future potential.


As far as my research has gone it looks as if the last time that CyberMiles updated its website was May 23rd of 2019. This was determined to be the last time they had saved the website. It also looks like it has been updated and saved around 12 times in total. Updated 9 times in 2018 and 3 times in 2019. I didn’t seem to find any really major updates with the website.

Link to app: Currently according to Google over 1,000 people have downloaded this and currently have a 4.6-star review from 74 people.

FairPlay Dapp: “ FairPlay uses smart contracts to conduct automated prize draws that are fair and transparent. It allows anyone to create and participate in product giveaways and e-commerce marketing campaigns. Since its launch, FairPlay has routinely reached a DAU (Daily Active Users) of 1000 (according to Google Analytics), with each giveaway receiving hundreds of on-chain transactions, making it one of the most popular DApps of all public blockchains.”

According to CoinCode: On July 17th CyberMiles was ranked 47th in Github activity and as of today they are ranked at 62nd.

This was a response to a staking issue that was found back in July 2019.

In August of 2019, they held a meetup with developers about how Libra could work alongside cryptocurrencies such as ETH and not be a monopoly.

Podcast interview with CEO on August 15th, 2019.

On August 28th the community voted to adjust the inflation rate of staking.

On September 2nd they announced that TISS will become a validator. Tiss has also become a strategic partner.

Current Roadmap

CMT staking rewards currently at 13% annually

How to build a blockchain dapp in 5 minutes.

Github community event.

Cybermiles spoke at Devcon5 in Japan.

Overall it is very clear that CyberMiles is very active. They have been updating their mainnet, going to different events, and contributing towards increasing their staking rewards. These have been the most important updates of the last 6 months. It is progress, I wish I would have seen a bit more such as growth in the team, more partners, user updates, etc.


According to my research AlphaCat has updated its website 53 times with the last time being June 30th of 2019. The biggest update occurred on May 25th of 2018. A few things had occurred that week to enforce a big update. The AlphaCat token went live that day on the Switcheo Network. And the new official website was released on the 16th of May. It was updated twice in 2017, 30 times in 2018, and 6 days in 2019

The ACAT financial dapp store is meant to help investors make smarter decisions.

A total of 100 applications were listed in July.

Research on Deep Learning and Online Prediction.

They launched version 2 of their financial application website.

Overall, I was slightly disappointed with their website. I think it is a very slow, bad design, I would expect better web design from a blockchain company than this. A lot of what they tweet and post is repeated month over month. Honestly nothing special, I would personally move on. They are clearly working so I don’t think its a waste, but I was not happy with 6 months of development.


WePower has been updated over 225 times since published. There were a lot of bigger updates so it seems irrelevant to figure out which is the biggest. But it does look like august 9th of 2018 seemed to have the biggest website update. The update occurred a few days after they announced a partnership with Traditions Renewable Energy Hub.

Strategic investment and partnership with Marubeni Corporation.

Renewable power generation costs of 2018.

Clean Energy PPAs included WePower.

Partnership with Brisbane City Council.

The CIO was a speaker at Enlit who hosted companies such as AWS, Accenture, SAP, and many more.

Review of WePower.

WePower was ranked in the top 5 solar companies out of 678 looked at.

Overall, I can see their passion for clean energy. Most of their tweets in the last 6 months were articles about clean energy, not a lot about development and progress in their business. In December they had 4 tweets and currently, in January, they are at 0. This has shown that activity online has decreased over time. They fixed their website errors, and their website is slick. Being ranked in the top 5 solar companies looks really good, and the partnership with Marubeni is a good sign as well. Very conflicted with this one. I think we can and should dig a bit deeper into this one.


Here is my overall on all 3 projects. Cybermiles is a project that is very active, I wish to have seen something more about marketing and usership, but this is a project I would be holding or still buying. Alphacat I was very disappointed with, although it seems like they are active, I would not be buying any of this project. WePower has some really interesting things that have happened to them in the past 6 months, but not a lot of updates on their tech side which has me worried. So overall buy CyberMiles, sell Alphacat, hold and research WePower.

Research Resources

Website Updated Research = I got this research from web.archive.org which is a website that keeps track of billions of URLs and each time they are saved. Now, this doesn't mean that when saved there were major updates, just that it was saved in general. The cool thing is it'll tell you how many times it was saved that particular day. So a bigger update my get saved multiple times, while a small change will get saved fewer times.





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