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I’m pleased to announce that Descript has raised a $30MM Series B, led by Nabeel Hyatt at Spark Capital, with participation from our existing investors: Andreessen Horowitz and Redpoint Ventures.

We’re also excited to welcome several individual investors who we have long admired: Devdatta Akhawe, Alex Blumberg, Jack Conte, Justine Ezarik, Todd Goldberg, Jean-Denis Greze, Li Jin, John Lilly, Tobi Lutke, Bharat Mediratta, Shishir Mehrotra, Casey Neistat, Brian Pokorny, Raghavendra Prabhu, Lenny Rachitsky, Naval Ravikant, Jay Simons, Jake Shapiro, Rahul Vohra, and Ev Williams.

Marked by strong customer growth and our expansion into full video editing, 2020 was a banner year for Descript. And with this financing, we’ll be growing the team so that we can continue to build great things in 2021. Check out our open positions and come help us build the next generation of video and audio editing. …

Hot on the heels of our video editing and screen recording release, we’re back with more! Nothing huge, but some nice, smaller things.

1. Multicam

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We’ve added Multicam support. Multicam is a common video editing feature that lets you sync up different camera angles, and then easily switch between them.

The way it works in Descript is very simple. It’s just a new setting on sequences. So when you want to switch camera angles, just split your sequence clip, and then select your camera angle in the clip inspector (or Conductor). …

Like it or not, video has become an essential part of how we communicate. And while it’s gotten easier to capture and share video, editing remains difficult, slow, and non collaborative.

As of today, Descript is no longer limited to podcast editing — it’s a full-featured video editor. Record and edit multitrack videos with titles, transitions, image and video overlays, animations, and more — all with the same ease and flexibility as editing a document.

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We’re also releasing a screen recorder. Use it standalone to quickly record and share video of your screen and webcam — accompanied by an interactive transcript — or pull your recordings into Descript to purge filler words, remove rambling outtakes, or piece together multiple recordings into a demo video of a product. …

Today we’re releasing the version of Descript we’ve dreamed of since conceiving of the company: A full multitrack podcast production studio.

If you make podcasts, or you’re thinking about making podcasts, download Descript and play around with the tutorial project. You’ve never seen anything like it — it’s a ground-up reimagining of what media editing should look like. Easy to learn, powerful, flexible, fast, and fun.

Descript is free for up to three hours of voice content, and then it’s just ten dollars per month — no extra charge for our industry-leading automatic transcription.

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Lyrebird + Descript

You might have noticed a Descript feature in the video called “Overdub” — it deserves a few paragraphs of context. …

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Descript has some exciting plans ahead for podcasters. If you have a few minutes, we’d love it if you could answer a few questions about how you write, record, edit, and mix your podcast.

We’re excited to learn more about your workflow and look forward to sharing the results of our survey in a few weeks!

Descript 2.1 is now available. Here’s what’s new:

Timeline Editor

Cut/copy/paste/delete range selections

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Add fades and crossfades, and control clip gain:

In March, we were busy adding polish and laying the foundation for larger features shipping in the coming months. Here’s what’s new:

File Optimization: Descript now automatically generates high quality optimized versions of your files, ideal for editing and sharing, and reducing the hard disk requirements. Descript also retains your original files, which you can use to optimize the quality of your final export. (Docs)

Stability & Performance Improvements: We’ve made dramatic improvements to the reliability of automatic cloud sync, and audio/video playback performance.

Open non-downloaded Projects: Now you can open Projects to see what’s inside without waiting for them to download first. …

We’ve been busy over at Descript! Here’s what’s new since shipping 2.0 in mid-November.

Export to Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro

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Nondestructive Project export Project to Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro, carrying over the original files and edits.

Multitrack Transcription w/ Automatic Speaker Labels

Descript synthesizes multitrack recordings to create transcripts with automatic speaker labels.

Project Search

Keyword search across all of your Project Compositions and files.

A ground-up rewrite for Mac/Windows — now with video/audio editing, cloud sync, and more.

Descript 2.0 is now available, and it’s our biggest update ever. A ground-up rewrite, here’s what’s new:

Video text editing

Descript is the first tool to let you edit audio by editing text — now it works with video too. Make a rough cut or pull highlights in Descript, and then transfer your Descript Project to Final Cut Pro / Premiere and keep editing there.

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Commenting and collaborative editing built-in

Google-Docs style commenting on audio/video, now built directly into the app.

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Now you can connect Descript to hundreds of popular web apps using our free Zapier integration.

By creating a free Zapier account, you can access the full power of Descript’s API without writing a line of code. Non-technical users can easily automate repetitive workflows, such as:

  • Transcribing any file you add to a specified folder on Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.
  • Saving completed transcriptions to a folder
  • Exporting completed transcriptions as subtitles / captions
  • Sending completed transcriptions via email or a Slack message

Get started with one of our templates for popular app workflows.


Andrew Mason

Descript, formerly Detour, Groupon

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