Expansion + LA Office = We’re Hiring!

The biggest challenge we face at Detour is also what makes it so special: you have to be on-location to try it. And as we’ve learned over the last few years, producing a Detour is no small undertaking. Each hour-long walk takes 3–6 months to produce and involves contributions from writers, sound designers, producers, editors, test walkers, and narration talent — over a dozen people in total.

To manage the complicated production process while quickly scaling to more cities, we made a big decision: to move Detour’s content production operation to Los Angeles. Under the leadership of our new LA team, we’ll launch over 12 new cities and 100 hours of content in the next 9 months — 5x what we’ve done over the last two years.

To help support our rapid expansion and goal of becoming a relevant part of the average American’s summer 2017 travel plans, we’re hiring! Take a look at our open positions and come help us create a new way to travel.

  • Producer Relations Manager (San Francisco): Be the main liaison between Detour and its growing production community — prepare training material, provide support, and evangelize Detour as we move toward opening our location-based audio production platform.
  • Content Marketing & Social Media Manager (LA or San Francisco): Help drive awareness (and usage) of Detour by devising and executing a strategy to take Detour’s amazing tour content and distribute it through other channels.
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