How to succeed leading a team of Freelancers

If you are into online business, then comes a point of time when you need to hire freelancers for your needs. The remote workforce helps in meeting the business goals while ensuring overall growth of the Company. Though expert freelancers have a good understanding of meeting diverse needs of the clients, you might need a strategy to get the things working smoothly. Here are some suggestions for leading your remote team for better growth of the business.

Use a project management software to keep track of the working

The biggest reason for the failure of virtual teams is ignorance of the fact that the team members bump into each other. The managers should take proper care and adopt proper measures to ensure that every member of the team collaborates and communicates properly. Don’t let the freelancers live in their own world and perform as they like. In a virtual environment, it is important to employ an efficient project management to record and review the performance of each member. Options like online chat rooms prove out to be of great help here.

Clarify your expectations

If you hire freelancers for your requirements be sure every member is clear about his/her role in the team. It is easy to get your job done if your team has proper knowledge about your goals and vision. Provide them with all the necessary information from the very first day. As a team leader, it’s your duty to create a sense of involvement and loyalty from your freelancers. You are responsible to make them clear about your working criteria ways of handling things. Furthermore, shortlisting your expectations will help you in finding the right people for your business. Look for conscientious and self-motivated experts who are efficient enough in working independently. This calls in the need for the more detailed hiring process. If you keep everything just in words, you can’t always expect the remote workers to perform exactly according to the standards that you have set. It is therefore important to keep those expectations and standards documented on e-papers.

Acknowledge minor improvements and give sincere appreciation

Positively reinforcement of the desired behavior creates a positive impact on people and they are likely to repeat it. According to the studies, most people are willing to do the things right when the things are reinforced to them with positive actions like praises and acknowledgments. You’ll find far more success in your team if you refrain from negative actions like fear tactics and threats. Be sure it should honest. Every individual desires importance, a little if not much. Sincere appreciations and praises are one of the best ways to fulfill that desire. It is one of the top motivational methods for succeeding as a team leader.

Stay connected with your team

Keep a chat room open constantly for each team/member of the team separately. Your team may need your guidance at any time. Hence, it is essential to ensure live chat for the smooth functioning of the business. If you are connected with your freelancers, you can discuss important issues as and when you feel like. At the same time, you need to make sure it’s not disturbing or distracting. In addition, you can create fun chat rooms for non-business chats, this will offer some relaxation and peace of mind to your freelancers. It will give a good option to your remote workforce at the times of lonely existence while working at their places.

Consider shared spreadsheets and documents

It is best to collaborate on documents like Dropbox or Google Drive if you have stuff that needs to be edited by a number of people. These shared documents offer the benefit of sharing while editing simultaneously. These project management tools come with a number of amazing features that will ease your work to a great extent. You can customise these tools according to your preference.

Be respectful of the ideas of your freelancers

The experts who genuinely care about their clients are interested in helping them in every possible manner with their expertise. It is for this reason you should consider their views and ideas. This could take your business to next level of success. Also, nobody likes to get their ideas unappreciated or ignored. It’s okay if it isn’t practically possible to implement the ideas of your freelancers. You can win their gratitude by lending your ears and extend a cooperative attitude toward them. Try to understand their point of view. This might help you in formulating a great business strategy. Respect your freelancers, even if you disagree with their viewpoint. Keep in mind a successful remote team is all about trust. To generate trust among your team members, this will increase their productivity.

Measure the productivity of freelancers with your long-term goals

It is important to measure the productivity of the freelancers before hiring them. Look for the key indicators for determining their expertise in the niche. Test your new employees and judge them according to their short-term work. Maintain transparency in working. Each team member should be productive and efficient enough to meet your requirements. Use necessary tools for analytics of their performance. If you are considering a freelancer for long-term association mark his/her work, accordingly.

The Concluding Word

The advancements in the online business industry have made virtual working much easier now. You don’t full-time professionals working at your office to get your work done. You can get quality work on hiring freelancers. Just be a little considerate when selecting your remote workforce. Hire the professionals for a small project first and then decide accordingly. Long-term association with freelancers is always beneficial, as they become an expert in understanding your requirements efficiently over the period. But is any case you should keep backups because with virtual working there are high chances of misses. Look for the professionals who are into full-time freelancing as they take their work more seriously. After all, it’s about their livelihood. So, they always look forward to sticking with their clients for the long term.

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