Hi Andrew, the “She/he/it” is an unnecessary dig, it makes me not listen to your other arguments…
Graham Skelly

Look, I’m an an ordinary man. I live in Russia. Some things, possible in US, leaves me with jaw dropped down to the floor. To change a gender, been a prisoner??? It is something beyond my imagination. What your prison really is, a place to punish or it is some kind of sanatorium? Well, I try to see on it from hi above. If it is good or not- I do not know. Forget about it. Forget about my prejudice on sexual minorities. Damn with all of them. Stay away from me and do all what you want. Period. However, I do not think, that someone should open secrets of its own country outside of it. There is some sort of the red line, savvy? Why not to publish such sort of info inside of the US? Do not pass it to wiki? And among tens of thousands of pages passed to wiki, all of them was about war crimes? How much war crimes US committed? I rather doubt about it. I do not like all what Putin makes, but it doesn’t mean, that I’ll expose all what I know about accuracy of our long-range missiles.

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