React is here to stay.

Fatigue is over. Calm down. The ecosystem is stable, if you choose it to be.

It goes without saying, the last 24 months have been tumultuous in the JavaScript world. In relative terms our baby learnt to run from a crawl in this short space of time. The tooling, community and support is second-to-none. If someone can name a language / ecosystem that has a similar momentum leave a comment and enlighten us all.

I simply don’t buy into the term JavaScript fatigue. Personally I have been pushing, redefining and learning the limits of my knowledge for the last 17 years in software development. JavaScript presents nothing new in this realm.

If your worn out, slow down. Take a breath. Eat some humble pie. Keep going.

We are engineers, our task is inherently not easy. We don’t make websites. We engineer distributed applications.


Now onto the state of Frameworks: You’d be doing yourself a disservice not choosing React. It is used by some of the largest tech companies on the planet, its open source, its proven, easy to onboard and has an incredible ecosystem. Sure the tooling can be confronting but that’s our job, don’t expect it to be handed to you on a platter. Work hard and you will not only understand it you will love it.

There is so much investment, momentum and expertise behind React you can be guaranteed it’s here in 10 years.

What were you writing ten years ago?