I’m a React fan myself, so I also wanted to believe that React is going to win.
Kun Chen

Umm… really man your missing the point here… Google trends is really inaccurate on general terms like “angular” and “react” they both have strong alternate meanings in the English lexicon. Your basic assumptions are based off data that has no validity.

Why not look at GitHub. It is a much safer reflection of activity and popularity: stars, forks, issues, commits and downloads.

If there is a trend for Angular in the subcontinent, the reasons behind that are many. Indian students in general have less access to educational resources, often have language barriers (English is very widely spoken though) and have historically displayed a tech-lag in IT.

Again I will say, the core of your argument is based on data obtained from a source that was not intended to be used as you have done. The variables are simply too massive: the word Angular clearly has a much larger meaning outside software dev. The word will be used more or less frequently in some parts of the world as there are MASSIVE differences in English vocabulary and linguistics.

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