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I don’t think that’s a world in which any of us could survive. The idea of a world in which one does not need to work to survive is a fantasy or a death-wish. The reality is we all need occupation to not only survive and meet our basic needs, but to survive with any feeling of accomplishment.

But putting aside the absurdity of a world in which no one need work to survive — I think the idea of not having to work is much more appealing than the reality. In reality, it would get quite dull.

It would possibly get dangerous.

If no one had to work, everyone would have to do everything for themselves — because no one else would do it for you: why would they, if they don’t have to? There would be little incentive.

I would think there would be a reversal where the formerly lowest-paying jobs would have to pay a lot better — as no one has to do that kind of work to survive.

I understand why some people a for a ‘universal basic income’ or the like, but I feel it would be a lot more than they bargained for: a disaster.

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