Friends are for bringing you down to earth

A good friend who pays you a visit is like the feeling you get when you feel the fresh air wash over your face when you’ve stepped outside after being cooped up all day by yourself.

I’d been crying all morning and after lying in bed late into the afternoon, I decided that it might’ve been a good idea to talk to someone who wasn’t myself. To my surprise — although it very much shouldn’t have been — at the drop of a hat, my friend came to keep me company.

The instant she stepped through the front door, the cloud of darkness that dominated the fears in my mind lifted.

I couldn’t stop myself from pouring out all of the emotions that had crescendoed inside earlier in the day. I’d cried and now, more than anything, I was back down on earth.

You see, when I’m entirely too emotional, I begin to think far into the future and deep into the past, sometimes simultaneously. I begin to regret how I never confessed my feelings to that boy in eighth grade or how I might never find someone who loves me the way I want them to. I begin to wonder if my parents ever loved me or if they will love me after I do the things that I do — it’s the heavy stuff like that takes hold in my head.

However, like a breath of fresh air, my friend reminded me how to laugh and how to smile and how to think simply. When she stepped through the front door, I could breathe again.

We laughed about our issues and about finding the bravery to say them out loud. Somehow talking to someone who was willing to listen made my fears bearable. I wouldn’t go back and change any of it if only for the relief my friend brought to me after the fall.

I was back on earth when all the world seemed to slip out of my fingers. Friends are for bring you back to earth whenever your lost in the dark dimensions of your mind, of the sky above, or of the depths below.