I’m Grateful for the Memories

Taking a second to think about the summer, without thinking about Panic at the Disco.

Gilmore Girls, 2x03, “Red Light on the Wedding Night”

Although I haven’t quite made it to the beach this summer, I’ve managed to get a lot of what I wanted living away from my parents for the past few months: I’ve gotten to play with the sprinkler and some water guns on a sunny day, I’ve gotten to have late night dinner parties where I bond emotionally with friends late into the night, I’ve gotten to see friends more often than ever before, and I’ve gotten to get real productive experience with a daily routine and a 9-to-5 job.

I’ve probably written more this summer than I’ve ever written before and after all of the thinking and reading I’ve done, I’ve managed to picture a concrete goal for myself for the future.

The one thing plaguing me last summer was my lack of direction. I felt stuck and aimless. Every attempt I made to get up and get a job was lackluster and resulted in failure. In the end, the summer of 2016 was simply a waiting period for school to start again.

I don’t ever want to sit and wait like that. I don’t ever want to live so passively. I want to get up and get what I want.

There were quite a few first-timers this summer, too: I helped a friend mow the lawn for the first time — I watched an episode of the 60s television show, The Love Boat, for the first time — I finally got a friend to watch Gilmore Girls with me for the first time, too. He was confident that he’d hate their back-and-forth banter, and so he resolved to watch a measly 23 minutes of it — he didn’t get up from the comfy couch until after the credits began to roll.

I’ve gotten so many memories this summer, and while the season isn’t quite over yet, I’m pretty content with how it’s been going so far and I’m grateful for it.

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