To pinpoint my attraction for her on one specific feature, and try to find a particular origin of my affection would be simply impossible. From her perfections to her imperfections, all were remarkably appealing to me: the marooned sunspot between eyes, the slight shift in her two front teeth, and her eyes. But her eyes weren’t simply appealing to me superficially because of the color, but rather the way they animated her expressions so obviously. Widened and round, they would be to show attentiveness or interest, and squinted they might become to express confusion. Her chin would increase in numbers as her neck scrunched back when she was amused and consumed by laughter. And her laugh, oh, her fucking laugh. I could have fallen asleep to her laugh, and deliberately wished to never wake up. It would erupt to be loud and obnoxious at first, but soothe out to be ended with a sigh — a distinct trademark that only she held. Even when she was sick and her voice was raspy, I loved it. In thinking so, I’d ask myself what the hell was wrong with me. However, the beauty behind it all was even more than that — more than how they individually animated her personality and emotions. The beauty became undeniable when they were all so lovely composed into one human being, into one simultaneous moment. A tree alone is nothing but its wood and leaves, nor is a meadow but grass and its flowers; however, it’s when they’re put all together at once, does it become something where the sum of the parts is less than the scene in one — something uneasily explicable through words. It was when all those delightful things were put together at once, in a single moment, was it beautiful.

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