40 Big Stories in Esports Since the Start of Shanghai’s Historic Season

(Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment)

January 10th is a historic day in all of professional sports as it was opening day of the inaugural season of the Overwatch League. The Shanghai Dragons played against the Seoul Dynasty and lost 0–4 in a crushing defeat. Everyone has a bad match or two but recovers eventually. Well, that’s normally how it goes unless you’re the Dragons. They continued through all four stages of the season without winning a single match, ending the season with a staggering 0–40 record.

The record was previously held by the Los Angeles Clippers who lost 28 straight games in the 2015–2016 NBA season. However, they broke that horrific streak with a win over the Los Angeles Lakers on December 1st, and many thought that record wouldn’t be broke anytime soon. Shanghai, who almost seemed determined to claim the ignoble title, is the new record holder with the opportunity to continue the streak next season.

In honor of the 40 losses, I thought it would be fun to create a list of stories that have happened in esports, one bullet for each loss. These may not be the biggest stories of the year, but they are personally the 40 that I think have had an impact or been a large talking point in the industry. Each of these has happened between January 10th and the end of the Overwatch Season on June 16th. They are not 100% in chronological order, however, are group by months that they have happened.

  1. NBA announces that NBA G-League games will be streamed on Twitch
  2. ESL announces a partnership with Facebook
  3. Google adds esports to live scoring
  4. League of Legends announces “Clash” Mode, regular amateur tournaments in client
  5. EA and Major League Soccer announce competitive eMLS league
  6. Scarlett wins Intel’s pre-Winter Olympics StarCraft 2 Event
  7. Esports is seriously talked about for joining the Olympics
  8. Japan’s three largest esports associations merge into one
  9. Geguri becomes the first female player in the Overwatch League
  10. xQc is fined, and suspended for a homophobic slur. Dropped by Dallas Fuel shortly after
  11. Vietnam became the newest competitive region for the LCS
  12. London Spitfire wins first ever Overwatch League stage
  13. Razer unveils a new phone that is focused on mobile gaming and streaming in mind
  14. Twitch announces stricter rules for harassment and more
  15. OWL League banned Pepe The Frog
  16. OpTic announces they are leaving Competitive Halo
  17. NYXL Saebyeolbe Becomes First OWL Star to Throw MLB Opening Pitch
  18. A Multi-Million Dollar esports arena is announced in Texas
  19. New York Excelsior wins stage two of Overwatch League
  20. SKT didn’t represent Korea at MSI for the first time ever
  21. San Francisco Shock and NRG esports partners with UC Berkeley
  22. PUBG Corp announces they will heavily start working on a competitive esports infrastructure
  23. Overwatch League introduces the All-Access Pass on Twitch
  24. League of Legends Pro Doublelift loses his mother in a stabbing, still competes in NA LCS Spring Championship
  25. EU LCS announces they will turn to a franchising model in 2019
  26. Shanghai Dragons break the record for worst professional sports record
  27. Team Liquid is the first team besides TSM, C9 or CLG won a NA LCS Split
  28. NBA 2K League Officially Kicks off
  29. PUBG announces their first Global Invitational with $2 million prize pool
  30. Epic announces $100 million prize pool for Fortnite Esports
  31. H1Z1 Pro League is announced, first true Battle Royal League
  32. 2018 Asian Games include esports for the first time ever
  33. Boston Uprising completes first ever perfect stage in OWL
  34. New York wins back to back stages in the Overwatch League
  35. League of Legends will be broadcasted on ESPN+, spelling the death of the BamTech Deal.
  36. Jensen, Sneaky, and Smoothie were benched for Start of NA LCS Summer Split
  37. Overwatch League Grand Finals Sell out Barclays Center
  38. PlayVS raises $15 million in funding for high school esports league
  39. ESL announces a partnership with Mixer after lackluster viewership on Facebook
  40. Facebook announces their own Streaming Platform, Fb.gg

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