My first 48 hours with the iPhone X

Friday, October 27th on 2:55AM, my overly obnoxious and all too familiar alarm went off. However this time instead of slamming my hand against the phone until it went off, I popped right out of bed ready to spend some money. I had decided that I was going to pre-order the iPhone X that morning, which started just minutes after I woke up.

I was prepared, I had the pre-order webpage open and I had already logged into my Verizon account and I was determined to not miss my opportunity. The whole process only took about 10 minutes, I got the pre-order and it felt a little underwhelming for my first iPhone pre-order.

Fast forward a week, my phone had finally arrived and I was more excited than Ralphie finally got his Red Ryder BB gun. After a surprisingly quick and simple set up process, which also included my contacts automatically being transferred from my old phone, I was ready for action.

Below will be my thoughts on the good, the ugly and the questions I have had surrounding the iPhone X in the first 48 hours I had it.

The Good

  • You adjust quickly to Facial Recognition: The first couple of times I tried it out, I thought it felt weird and very unnatural and I instantly wanted my home button back. However, it is now second nature to me and It works 99% of the time and the 1% always seems to be when I try to show it off to my friends.
  • The weird but entertaining Animoji: While the first time I tried out the Animoji, I thought it was extremely weird and something I would never use in my life. Now, I not only find it entertaining to send the creepy videos to my friends but also the potential that this simple feature has in the long run.
  • It feels and looks exactly like I hoped: This is by far the most self explanatory, but the part that I am most excited about. The phone is light weight, I love the silver color and the new full length screen looks better then I could of expected. Out of everything about the iPhone X, the design of it is the one thing I can’t even find a small problem with personally.
  • The camera can even make me look good: For any of you that personally know me, the previous statement going to be hard for you to even believe. The different light features in the portrait mode are more in-depth then I thought they would be, and are perfect for taking the perfect picture of my dog.

The Bad

  • App management is slow and ineffective: We all know the traditional method of simply swiping up and the app closes, however this doesn’t work for the iPhone X as they have changed the app management system. The way that I currently close apps are by swiping up from the bottom, holding my finger in the middle of the screen, then pressing the app until a minus appears. After that I click on the minus, and the app is finally closed after what feels like forever compared to my iPhone 6.
  • 100–0 real quick without seeing my battery percentage: Because of the new full screen design, the battery bar only has a small sliver of the phone compared to previous models. Due to this, you do not have the option of having your battery percentage show on the home screen. While there are a couple of ways to see your battery percentage, they still require more effort than before.
  • Control center is out of control: The control center is something that I’ve come to use extensively since the update of iOS 11, however this is another feature of the phone that has suffered due to the new full screen design. You now need to swipe down from the top right corner, and is another thing that may not be major but definitely makes thing slower.

The Question

  • Is this the design of the future? While I personally love the design of the iPhone X, I’ve had mixed reactions from some of my family members and close friends. Where does this new design fit into the annual release, will this be a third model to add to the regular and plus models?

While this is just a couple of the pros and cons from the iPhone X, and are only from my personal experiences but I hope these help you make the choice if you are considering upgrading. I’m also willing to answer any other questions you may have about the phone!

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