Music Monday — April 18th, 2016

Week two of sharing the tracks I’m listening to. This one is short, but sweet:

Track 1 : M83 — Go! (feat. Mai Lan)

“Go!” is the song I would play while on the launch pad to space. With a countdown and smooth vocals from featuring artist Mai Lan, this song starts out very mellow and builds to take off.

Track 2: The Temper Trap — Fall Together

I can always count on The Temper Trap to deliver anthems, and Fall Together is most definitely in that wheelhouse. Straightforward and built on simple pop structures, this is definitely another song to travel to.

Track 3: All Saints— One Strike

The first single off of All Saint’s (second) comeback, I wasn’t really feeling this one at first; however, it’s definitely become a grower and is definitive of the unique pop style that belongs to the quartet and no one else. The song references sounds of the early 2000s but is forward loooking, much like the story that the lyrics suggest.

Track 4: Little Mix — Hair

Little Mix released Hair as a new single this past Friday, albeit featuring a Sean Paul feature. Personally I think it’s unnecessary, which is why I’ve included the album version sans the rap. Wonky is the word I’d use to describe this one. That and shameless fun!

Track 5: Drake— One Dance (feat. WizKid and Kyla)

Simply, Drake doesn’t need to even be a rapper because he could croon on midtempo dancehall tracks like this and no one would object. Definite “mood setting” song.

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