Late Fathers Day Post

Hey Dad, this was the only pic I had. It’s nice.

Growing up I wasn’t close to my dad due to life circumstances but I always wanted to be like my dad.

My Dads a business man, an athlete, and a Godly man. Naturally when I asked or found out certain things about him I’d do the same. Some of these things lead me to wrestle, resell dollar store teddy bears for valentines day, and be more in touch with my spiritual side.

One thing really stuck out when I had the opportunity to live with him. My Dad told me from when I was young to never stop dreaming because the older a man becomes the less he tends to dream.

Back Story

I remember we had nothing, he just got out of prison and we used to drive as a family to nice neighborhoods. 

He said we will live in a house like this constantly. Looking at houses became a weekly family function. Eventually he accomplished the goal. We lived comfortably.

The point was not the material goods. The point was the process. Here was a man with a family that had little. He had multiple kids and a convict. He was ambitious and determined to change things and make a way.

He ended up running a company, id get out of school just to see my dad in the office. I wanted to be just like him.

It Stuck With Me

So I knew when it was my time I’d dream some crazy things. It’s been sticking with me ever since. This lesson grew my mindset regarding things I’d set out to do.

In fact it showed in college through class, senior projects, business endeavors even relationships. During dates in college I’d walk around some really nice neighborhoods and talk about dreams. Some women would say you dream too big and I knew it was time to move on. Again it was never about the material goods its about the process and in this case the mindset. (Besides the point)

I don’t have kids yet but when I do I’ll tell them the same thing my dad told me.

Live your life chase you’d dreams and never stop dreaming no matter how old you are or what’s stacked against you.

I’m thankful to have you as my Dad. Appreciate all the lessons, I’m still watching and listening to what you say. Thanks for setting an example of what it means to lead in self, marriage, family, and business. Grateful.

Late Fathers Day post but better late than never.