Why did it take 27 years for ‘the truth’ to come out about the Hillsborough soccer stampede?
Nina Renata Aron

Thanks for bringing awareness to the story of a blatant miscarriage of justice that has taken the authorities in the UK 27 years to even acknowledge. The despicable lies printed in The Sun were part of an orchestrated cover-up by South Yorkshire Police (in whose jurisdiction the 96 fans died at Hillsborough). They’ve perpetuated a disgraceful stereotype on the people of Liverpool. To this day, The Sun does not sell in Liverpool, and rightly so. Any apologies at this point will seem hollow in contrast to the 27 years of suffering of Liverpool, its football club’s fans and to the poor families of those unlawfully killed at Hillsborough.

Your picture at the top of this article is very distressing, by the way. I’m sure no harm is meant by it, but please consider removing it. Thank you