9 Most Important steps to Follow Up on a Job Application

Applying for a job is a continuous process it makes you keep a closer watch on the job market and instils you with what is required from people similar to your work field as well as experience.The way of applying for a job is important in the same way having a follow up of the job application is important to know the status of job position and receiving feedback from the company. Does follow up means calling them and asking them about one’s application? Or visiting the company’s office to check what’s going on? … No, follow up means keeping a track of the status of your application in a formal manner i.e. either by sending them a follow up mail to remind them about your CV sent for respective position or giving them a call formally to enquire the status of the job position. Just by sitting back ideal after filling the application for a job may not really fetch you one, rather than that one need to do some extra to increase the chance of getting a call for an interview.