Nationalism isn’t Nazism

I remember when I heard Donald Trump was actually making a bid for the Presidency. In my mind I was “Oh please God let this be.” This was a man who was a bussiness man, who grew up in the 50’s, and had those old school values.

People came out and said he was racist. I remember when I was a kid, if you called someone a Nazi or a Racist that was a serious accusation. You better had the proof to back up the claim. Calling someone Racist was a career killer for them. People were scared to get called Racist. It could ruin their reputation. That’s not the case today.

A lot can change in 20 years. Now if I call someone racist on the right, they laugh it off. The word has lost it’s meaning. So then the left moved on to Homophobe. It’s at this point we learned our lesson. I’d actually like to point out that I’m not scared of Homosexuals. If I see a flamboyant one walking down the street, I don’t get scared and check to make sure I still have my wallet or lock my car door.

My mom raised me to not judge people on their skin color, but on their mind. How they behaved and acted. The only diversity that the left doesn’t care about is diversity of the mind. To want to be patriotic is not a bad thing. In fact we used to close our borders and let people assimilate into American Culture, sure they still had accents, but they spoke, read, and conversed in English, and contributed to American society.

That’s all we want. People to offer something to American society. If you want to work anywhere else in first world countries; you have to prove that you aren’t taking someone else’s job and that nobody can fulfill that position except you. It’s not racism.

People don’t seem to understand that taking in as many people as we can will not fix the world’s problems and inequality.

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