Choosing ASICs for Sia
David Vorick

I always appreciate your well written and explained blogs but this seems to be based on an obvious error. You say the large ETH mining pools have enough hashing power to do a 51% attack on SIA— but this is simply not true. These pools are mining ETH and cannot direct their hashing power to SIA at all. Only the individual miners can change the algorithm they mine. Futhermore, the economic incentives of pool operators make it extremely unlikely that they would engage in 51% attacks because these would be detected by the community and everybody would leave the pool. Indeed, miners would move well before any pool got 51% (as has beeen seen in bitcoin). 
While it is probably too late now, moving to ASICs is a really bad move for the SIA platform because the large number of small GPU miners mining SIA are your best first customers for the SIA cloud storage platform. A move to ASICs will lose a large percentage of your best early adopters.
Please re-think this.

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