And Now For Something New

I’ve had many aspirations in the past and I’ve gone down many different career roads. It has been tough to face the realization that perhaps some of my career dreams were unattainable and that some, despite all the hard work I had put in, were really not what I was expecting.

Luckily for me, I’ve always had many different interests, sometimes to the point that I’ve had too many to focus on. It has been said that millenials will face many different career changes within their lifetime. To many, this seems disappointing, having been raised by a generation where job security and growth were of great importance. However, I’m starting to realize that this might not be such a bad thing.

My interest in technology and web development has grown in the past many years. As with many people my age, I’ve grown up in the age of the internet and rapid technology developments. These features of society have been integral for the large majority of my life and I have always been fascinated with how myself and others engage and interact with these developments. As of recently, I’ve begun taking my interest more seriously and for the past few months, have taken the initiative to learn first hand.

I recently completed a part-time web development course with HackerYou in Toronto and am currently studying in their full-time ‘bootcamp’ program. It’s been many years since I’ve engaged and challenged myself so intensely. I’ve surprised myself with how well I’ve been able to focus and engage with this new challenge and even more, with how satisfying it feels to develop new skills and see them put into action. What’s even more intriguing, is that technology is constantly changing and growing, which means new challenges and learning is a constant. For some reason, the idea of continually challenging myself, learning and adapting, seems kind of nice …

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