How to Boogie Board Like a Pro

Boogie boarding, also more commonly known as body boarding is a fun and rather easy way to enjoy your day on the beach while getting your much needed dose of sun and sea! Boogie boarding is a thrilling way to ride waves — it’s super exciting, especially if you can’t surf quite yet! The boogie board was invented by Tom Morey and is usually a short board (as compared to a surf board), rectangular in size and made of hydrodynamic form. Some boards are fitted with swim fins that are used for additional propulsion which is useful when riding a wave! Bodyboarding has recently become a popular competitive sport and has named a number of men and women at champions over the last few years! Body boarding in Bali is quite popular — after surfing that is! In Seminyak Bali, resort and hotel providers in the area such as Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort will be able to provide you with options, equipment or even just assistance for finding the best place to try this sport.

Where in Bali?
Bali is a great place to get in to the hype of body boarding as it has a number of ideal beaches! Trade winds in Bali have been known to be quite predictable. The best places to body board in Bali are coincidentally also the best place to go surfing! Boards can be rented from any of the local vendors set up along the golden sands. Popular beaches for body boarding include Kuta, Canggu and Legian — also a surfing paradise. Although lessons in bodyboarding are not required, as it’s quite easy to catch on — there are some available beginner classes which you can take part in.

What do you need?
A board and a sense of adventure and willingness to try anything! That’s how easy this water sport is! Once you find a body board that is ideal for your weight, size, etc, you’re good to go! Take your board and run towards the big blue — it’ll help if you’re screaming enthusiastically towards it of course. Wrap the strap around your wrist, as this will ensure that if you fall over; you won’t lose your board! Wear appropriate attire before body boarding, as it will require you to use the front of your body quite a lot; so cover up by wearing a wet suit, just to reduce any board burns you might get from slamming on the board!

Once you’re on the board, make sure to position yourself in the middle of the board as this will ensure you are well balanced and you won’t fall over. Even if you do fall over, don’t worry — just get back on and try again! Ideally, your elbows should be on the board and not in the water, your hands should be placed on the top of the board. With your hips positioned on the tail of the board, start paddling out to sea. It is important to read waves — you can’t body board on any wave! Look for a wave that you’ll be comfortable riding on and then just go for it! To control the board and steer the board, shift your body in direction you want to turn in, with one elbow on the board and the other placed at the top of the board.

As with any beach rule, if you’re planning to spend the entire day riding waves, don’t forget to apply sunscreen. Body boarding can get pretty tiring, especially paddling out to sea and learning new techniques and curves, so don’t try to overwhelm yourself with everything all at once. Most importantly, have fun!