How to Choose an Appropriate Apartment

Apartments are the new fad place to be living at in Sri Lanka, and the mind-boggling views from the top floors are certainly nothing to complain about. Luxury apartments hold a special place in the society, with its glamour appeal and hotel like the feel and living in one will give on utmost comfort and splendour.

Hotelduquesa, Hotel Duquesa de Cardona boutique hotel Barcelona, CC BY-SA 3.0

When it comes to choosing luxury apartments in Sri Lanka, there are a few obvious choices among the well-known luxury brands around the country, and one of such brands is Capitol TwinPeaks. But, first things first, let’s take a look at the things you must tick off your checklist before finalising on one apartment.

Priorities, Priorities
Always stick to your priorities and never waver unless it’s a great once in a lifetime deal. If you have fixated on a good neighbourhood with medium rent, do not bend over and choose a place in a shady neighbourhood to save some money, because, at the end of the day, you will regret it.

Top picks
Make a list of the top apartment complexes you have set your eyes on and check them all out, and do take notes about unique factors in each place. It will help you create a clear pros and cons list when you need to decide on one. Also, if one apartment has a better view than the other but is lower in price, note it down, and find out why the better apartment was priced lower, and if you are not being told anything.

Call first, visit later
Before you jump in to visit the apartments yourself, call up the agents or owners first. This will make the process much simpler as you might need the apartment in September, but the apartment might be available only from December. Ask simple questions about the place, describe what you are looking and if the answers don’t create the image you were looking for, simply ask for pictures before you decide to travel all the way there.

Group them
Organise your visits well, check out all the apartments in one area on a day and then move to the next neighbourhood.

Be punctual
First impressions matter, regardless of how much you offer to pay as rent, and therefore, dress smart, and most of all, look trustworthy and responsible. Agents might go the extra mile for you during negotiations if you make a good impression.

Think out of the box
An apartment can look amazing and feel like you just walked into a grand hotel, but the outside matters too. Is your apartment complex in a well taken care of neighbourhood? Has the building been maintained well? Do you have ample parking space? Are there streetlights and security?

Nook and cranny
Be alert when you check out your possible new home. If the house has an odd smell, if it lacks privacy or if some of the locks on doors and windows aren’t working, make sure the issues are fixed before you move in.

Financial queries
Ask for any deals or promotions on the house, find out the procedures for payments and if there are any additional costs that might recur monthly after you move in, like maintenance fees.

dronepicr, Colombo Sonnenuntergang (30073898475), CC BY 2.0

After you go through the list and make sure you adhere to your priorities, decide on your new home and have fun moving in! Sounds hectic, yes, but this checklist is as important as how cool your new place looks, because tiny issues and hurdles like this, especially on a daily basis, can alter the whole experience of the new home for you and your family.