How to Find the Best Beaches in Bali

Often regarded as one of the best beach holiday destinations in Asia, Bali is a honeymoon hotspot and coastal Mecca for the masses. Littered with pristine, stunning beaches, the Indonesian vacation island is a must-visit highlight for those in search of breathtaking beaches. Here are some tips on not only how to experience hidden, idyllic beaches in Bali away from the tourist infested beach hubs on the island, but also the best seasons to visit the areas.

1. Reserve a Strategic Base Location

Travellers who wish to experience the top beaches in Indonesia’s holiday island Bali should first and foremost secure a base in a strategic location on the island. Whether one selects a boutique hotel in Ubud the likes of the Alila Ubud or any of the many similar resort hubs littering the island, a central and convenient location is crucial to reaching the best beaches. A strategically located rest not only guarantees easy access to the finest beaches the island has to offer but other highlights and point of interest as well, so choose wisely.

Image Credit: Alila Ubud

2. Avoid Tourist Hotspots

It is best to avoid the touristy areas of Bali when it comes to exploring the island’s best beaches as the beachfront in Bali’s commercial epicentres are less than pristine. This is mainly due to the fact that development and tourism infrastructure in popular areas such as Kuta, Jumbaran and Sanur, for example has spelled ruin for the natural beauty of the beaches in the area and the same can be said of Seminyak, Nusa Dua and Canggu as well. Large crowds and traffic blocks are also a concern, as is the presence of beach bars and hotels and resorts lining the beach. The beaches in these areas are, in fact, largely responsible for the notion that Bali’s beaches are on the decline and spoiled.

3. Go Diving in Tulamben

Diving enthusiasts can head to Tulamben not only enjoy the excellent diving facilities and the remains of USAT Liberty shipwreck but also to experience one of the best beaches in the north-eastern shores of the island. The area is not only ideal for snorkelling activities but also lounging around the sandy shores of this rocky beach. The views are spectacular from the road leading up to the beach onwards while the best time to visit the beach is during the period from May till September.

Andrepiazza, 21-Indonesia-Bali Tulamben 54 (Coral Rabbitfish)-APiazza, CC BY-SA 3.0

4. Head to Pemuteran

Another pristine piece of beach paradise is Pemuteran Beach which is perfect for those who wish to lounge around next to a white, sandy haven ideal for swimming and snorkelling. Home to a manmade Bio-Rock reef the most popular things to do in the area include discovering the beach’s coral heritage and napping underneath a tree on a sun lounger. High tide is the best time to head to Pemuteran Beach due to the corals being within close range of the beach during the period.

5. Enjoy an Island Hopping Excursion to Secret Point

Occupying pride of place in Nusa Ceningan, this stunning beach is nestled between Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan. Hard to miss for those engaging in an island hopping tour of the island’s south eastern shores, the beach lining the miniscule island of Nusa Ceningan is picture post card perfect and ideal for surfing activities. Low tide is the ideal time to visit this small beach as there’s more sand in which to unwind.

6. Uncover the Blue Lagoon

Home to Padangbai Beach, this iconic beach is found over the hill from the Padang Bai boat terminal. The largely concealed beach is separated from the remainder of the island by volcanic headlands. Surrounded by trees and well-suited for snorkelling activities, the bay is one of the calmest one comes across in Bali. Visit Padangbai Beach during high tide when avoiding its coral to enjoy the water is much easier.

7. Experience a Dolphin Watching Tour off the Beaches of Lovina

The black beaches of Lovina are another must-visit highlight for beach fanatics exploring Bali’s best kept secret beach hubs. Encircled by Java’s volcanic mountains the beach is one of the most relaxing and tranquil hotspots in Bali.