How to Plan a Trip to Jakarta

Regarded as one of Asia’s most dynamic holiday hotspots, the Indonesian capital is a popular tourist destination for the travelling masses. Visitors who wish to enjoy a memorable getaway in the city however, must base their plans on up to date information. Here are some useful guidelines for not only planning the ultimate holiday in Jakarta but how to look into every aspect of the vacation prior to jetting off.

1. Do Some Digging

As when planning a tour or vacation in any other holiday hub, making concrete plans for a successful getaway in Jakarta demands that one does one’s homework. Researching the Indonesian capital in detail is the first step in the planning process as up-to-date know how on a variety of aspects from costs involved to activity options is crucial. Read up on the city and what makes it a holiday hotspot and ensure the travel blogs, travelogues and guidebooks you peruse offer current information. Learning all one can about Jakarta prior to vacationing in the city will also serve to enhance the holiday experience once it begins in earnest so get a head start on your information gathering.

2. Make Flight Arrangements and Secure Visa

Visitors should keep a lookout for deals on flights to Indonesia or Jakarta in particular in the months leading up to the trip as early bookings often provide attractive discounts and bargains. Enlist the services of a travel agent to prepare your visa application to Indonesia for those who hail from countries ineligible for the Visa On Arrival agreement the country has negotiated with several nations around the world.

3. Reserve Strategic Accommodation

Regardless of the duration of your stay or the timing of the holiday, the benefits of securing a conveniently located Jakarta hotel are well documented. As one of the most congested cities in the country, those based in a strategically situated rest will have an advantage when it comes to travelling around the city and exploring its many highlights. In addition to budgetary concerns, remember to select a hotel that is located within close range of the city’s main attractions and retail hotspots. Whether you book guestrooms at the Alila Jakarta or similar hotels in the city, ensure that the venues also allow easy access to public transport networks.

Image Credit: Alila Jakarta

4. Sort Out Transport Options

Next, it is time to look into what transport methods are most viable for your sightseeing excursions around Jakarta and visitors have several affordable options to consider. The Transjakarta Busway is among the most popular ways to get around the time due to the contemporary and modern nature of the line’s air-conditioned vehicles. Alternatively, visitors can purchase Single Trip and Multi Trip tickets for the commuter trains serving Jakarta. Hailing taxis via online apps is another efficient way to get around Jakarta although it may not be as cheap as travelling via public transport, three-wheelers or Ojeks.

5. Make a Sightseeing and Activity Itinerary

Then it is time to plan your daily activities during the holiday by looking into attractions and activities you wish to engage in during the time available. As a large city, there’s much to discover, both in terms of cultural hotspots as well as recreational hubs. A visit to the Presidential Palace and the National Monument are musts for first time visitors while spending an afternoon at the Museum Nasional and the National Gallery of Indonesia should also be on one’s itinerary. Don’t forget to schedule time in some of the city’s top theme parks including Dunia Fantasi, Jungleland Sentul City and Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.

Chongkian, National Gallery of Indonesia, CC BY-SA 3.0

6. Look into Retail Hubs for a Shopping Spree

With a whopping 174 malls littering its confines, Jakarta is a shopaholic’s dream. But those who wish to make the most of their retail adventures in the capital would benefit from looking into which shopping hubs and districts will most suit their shopping preferences. Grand Indonesia, Plaza Senayan and Plaza Indonesia are not the only options available and the goods available at each venue and local markets the likes of Pusat Grosir Tanah and Pasar Baru also varies. So make a list of your retail needs and then note down the names and locations of shopping hotspots which cater to the same.