Enjoying A River

Today I spent time photographing the Wisconsin River. This is nothing new. The Wisconsin River is a part of my city, Wausau, WI. It flows through the heart of it and I have spent a lot of my time walking along its banks. It is a great asset to our community since it brings in with its waters everything from wildlife to recreation to just general tranquility.

It used to carry a lot of industrial pollution and it stunk. Today it can be enjoyed for its natural beauty. It has attracted more anglers than ever. Because of the river, Wausau has a world class competition kayak course right near the city’s downtown.

Yet one of my frustrations is that people just zip over it on the three bridges that cross within the city without a thought as to what is really happening down there. On one of our bridges, I can ride my bike across with one eye on the road and the other taking in what is going on down there.

What I see is a tranquil opposite to the hubbub of the city. What I see is a taste of Northern Wisconsin. Too many people are in such a great hurry to get to where they are going that they don’t take the time to enjoy this thing that nature has given our community, and that frustrates me.

Come to Wausau, Stevens Point, Merrill, Wisconsin Rapids, or anywhere along the banks of this great river in Wisconsin. You’ll see what I am talking about.

If you cannot do this, then go online to www.wildlightphotography.me or Capture Wisconsin http://www.capturewisconsin.com/photos/1998394, and you will see what it is that I am talking about. Please visit us.

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