When We Start Over
Stephanie Georgopulos

As someone who just broke up with his girlfriend about four hours ago, this was both comforting and stirring for me. Similiar reasons, too. incompatibility. People say opposites attract, and I cannot but agree, but not all opposites are meant for each other. I was a quiet and quite introverted; she was extroverted. I couldn’t handle it, and neither could she.

I learned an exorbitant amount from my relationship, and can’t even remember what it was like before being in a relationship. All I know is that I must start over and grow as a person, on my own this time, without a companion by my side. Until I find another one, of course.

Yet I don’t want to give up ‘Relationship Things”. That would be a waste. I can’t let that time go to waste, after all, I only have such a limited amount of time on this earth. There is so much I discovered from my relationship that I would be foolish not to take up.

When I’m picking up my own bits on New Years Eve tonight, I won’t try to rediscover what I liked before I listened to Tove Lo or went searching for old vinyl records in a run-down salvation army. Instead, I think i’ll embrace it and cherish the moments spent finicking around creating a vinyl copy for a friend.

That reminds me, I should probably change my profile picture.

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