The Secret of getting 1000+ FREE top media publication in only 24 months

By reading this post you will know the secret of our content marketing team.

But before that, please allow me to give you a brief introduction about who we are.

In the past 2 years, the content marketing team at iPrice has been putting a lot of effort producing high-quality data-driven content for people in Southeast Asia.

We talked about many different topics, from the competition of e-commerce companies, online consumers behavior, until gender diversity.

Until now the team manage to produce more than 100 pieces of data-driven content and manage to get over 1000 free top media coverages, including Reuters, Fortune, Forbes, and Entrepreneur.

To goal of this article is to share some content inspiration you can use for your company.

Here is some of the top content we’ve created:

1 The Map of E-Commerce

  • What the content is about: The ranking of top 50 e-commerce players in SEA. Users can sort and filter the data based on many different parameters. Sort based on their monthly web visits, app ranking, social media followers, and number of employees. People can also filter the players based on their business model, origin, and business model.
  • Format of content: Interactive
  • Source of data: Similarweb, App Annie, Twiiter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • The content: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand.
  • Top media coverages: Reuters, CNN Indonesia, The Star, and Business Insider

2 The State of E-Commerce

  • What the content is about: A white paper about the state of e-commerce in SEA. Our aim, with the 2017 State of eCommerce report, is to shed light on some of the most important eCommerce metrics from the perspective of these thousands eCommerce operators, highlighting the differences and similarities among each markets.
  • Format of content: Interactive
  • Source of data: iPrice’s proprietary data from over 1,000 eCommerce players operating in the 6 largest Southeast Asian markets (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam.)
  • The content: Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand
  • Top media coverages: Tech in Asia, Vulcan Post, Bangkok Post, and Jakarta Post

3 Education Background of Startups Founders

4 Online Consumer Complaints in SEA

5 Online Consumer behaviour during Ramadan in MY and ID

6 Gender Diversity in E-Commerce Company

  • What the content is about: Analysing the gender diversity in top level management of e-commerce companies in SEA
  • Format of content: Static infographic
  • Source of data: iPrice’s Map of E-Commerce, LinkedIn
  • The content: Singapore & Philippines
  • Top media coverages: Business Insider, The Online Citizen

7 The History of E-Commerce Malaysia

  • What the content is about: Analyse top 10 most popular e-commerce platform in the past decade.
  • Format of content: Interactive page
  • Source of data: Google Trends, App Annie, and Wayback Machine
  • The content: Malaysia

8 Grab VS UBER VS Taxis

9 Popularity of Pokemon Go in SEA

10 The Launching of New iPhone

11 Comparing Online Consumer Behaviour between region in VN and MY

  • What the content is about: Comparing the unique online consumers behaviours in East VS West Malaysia, and Hanoi VS Saigon
  • Format of content: Static infographic
  • Source of data: iPrice’s proprietary data
  • The content: Vietnam & Malaysia
  • Top media coverages: Huffington Post and Yahoo News

12 E-Commerce Investor in Vietnam

  • What the content is about: Analysing the relation of investors between local and regional e-commerce player in Vietnam
  • Format of content: Static infographic
  • Source of data: Cento Ventures
  • The content: Vietnam
  • Top media coverages: Nhipcaudautu

So what are the secrets?

As I’ve shared before with Tech Wire Asia, there are 5 points you need to do:

  1. Avoid being self-centric
  2. Use data
  3. Experiment with different format
  4. Invest a lot of time and energy in the distribution
  5. Build sustainable and good relations with people

Call to action:

1. We are going keep adding the new big content we will launch in the future. So you can save the link of this article

2. If you want to get more insights about content marketing, feel free to reach out to me via DM or just drop your questions in the comment section! :)

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