2WinPower Enters the Market of Philippines

2WinPower Philippines

The company 2WinPower, a leading provider of casino software and services for the gambling industry, has recently announced that it has entered into the Philippine market. Today we will try to find out why 2WinPower has made such a bold and, at the same time, important decision.

Prospective Philippine market

Relying on published analytical materials from highly reputed rating agencies, at the moment the Philippines is considered to be the most promising Asian region for entrepreneurs that deal with the gambling business. According to official information, the annual growth in this region has reached a mark of 19%. In order to make you understand the scale, let us give you an example: in any other sphere of action even a 5% indicator is considered very high.

Companies Union Gaming Group and Morgan Stanley have predicted that by the end of 2017 the net income from the gambling business will reach $ 3.2 billion. Different kinds of research and surveys show the growing interest of local residents in gambling, so during the following years we will be able to see even more impressive data. So far the Philippines are the third biggest Asian region in relation to the size of a market, the second place is taken by Singapore, and the leader is Macau.

After Rodrigo Duterte has become the president, the relationship between China and the Philippines became quite strained. However, these circumstances had a good influence on the gambling industry and served to the growth of the market. The fact that the demand for gambling has increased in accordance with the worldwide trend has also played into the hands of everyone who deals with this sphere of action, so the government has decided to open the newest casino resorts.

Experts developed a large-scale plan, the implementation of which should turn the country into a huge gambling center. In order to attract international corporations the government has offered them several attractive terms, which led to intensive investment. Entrepreneurs of Macao are seriously concerned, since more than a billion of US dollars have already been spent on the complex “Dream City”.

“Dream City” unites four premium casinos. Such giants of the market as Bloomberry Resorts, Travelers, Universal Entertainment, Belli Corporation and others are responsible for the construction process.
Almost all experts in the field of gambling in the world are talking about a promising future of the Asian gambling market. The Philippines and Japan actively went at the development of this direction, because in time it will be possible to derive good benefits from it. Moreover, the appearance of new market participants solicits Singapore and Chinese Las Vegas — Macau to take actions.

Philippines: 2WinPower soars to new heights

2WinPower is the leading provider of online casino software in the Russian-speaking market segment. But the company is not going to rest on its laurels and continues to constantly expand its spheres of influence.

Philippines are a new horizon for the casino software vendor. This state appears to be a promising but poorly mastered market, which is desperate for someone to provide it with the online casino software. Asians were always distinguished by their propensity for gambling. Unfortunately, at the moment only land-based gambling is available in this region, and the incredibly promising online sphere is forgotten. And casinos are created mostly for tourists.

2WinPower has taken seriously the necessity of case study and has concluded that the country’s Internet market is significantly lagged behind in its development. Online casino is a great way to have a good time, because modern technologies have made gambling available to everyone.

And now modern and high-quality casino software will finally appear in the Philippines. From now on, any local operator will have an opportunity to buy casino slots from the best developers in the world and thus offer their audience advanced and exciting slot machines.

2WinPower takes into account the culture and the mentality of local residents, and it makes all products with due regard to their likes. Analytical research allows entrepreneurs to provide not only html5 casino games, but also other, no less interesting offers.

2WinPower: a company that makes gambling better

2WinPower is the brand that provides its client with a full range of services for the development and promotion of gambling projects. In other words, slot games for sale not the only thing the company deals with.

2WinPower: HTML5 Games & Unique Casino Slots

The list of services provided by 2WinPower:

• online casino platform;
• everything necessary for being able to take on the project and develop it;
• CMS system that creates reports on financial turnover, activity of users, etc.;
• single protocol that allows operators to install any casino software;
• support for flawless operation on all modern devices;
• ability to play games which were translated to the main languages of the world;
• multilevel security and so on.

Let us also have a closer look at other services provided by the company.

· Casino slots for sale

2WinPower provides its customers with products from the world-famous manufacturers. Of course, slots for sale are very important for the company, but also it deals with card and board games, as well as with solutions for live casino.

· Connected payment systems

2WinPower provides integrated payment system plug-ins , which are in good demand in the customer’s region.

· Promotional and bonus offers

The company offers an ideal marketing tool, with the help of which operators will be able to attract a new audience to their online casinos.

· Promotion of casinos

Within the framework of the push and pull strategy, all available tools and a great experience of 2WinPower are used. Thanks to a competent approach, only interested users visit online casino websites.

Every loyal customer of the company is a happy businessman who has managed to secure a foothold in the market. If you want to become a member of the club of owners of successful gambling establishments — 2WinPower is at your service.