Since Augmented Reality first hit the mainstream two years ago, Dent Reality has been relentlessly innovating. We developed the most popular open-source project for mobile AR, allowing any mobile developer to build world-scale AR apps. We demonstrated AR navigation for the first time, and pioneered core technologies now used in popular products such as Google Maps and Pokemon Go. And we’ve innovated in AR experience, producing some of the most highly-regarded work in the space.

Last summer, we began exploring the potential for using our technology to navigate indoor spaces. With indoor navigation, shopping centres and retail stores can help…

Last week, Apple invited developers to their annual WWDC conference, to unveil everything new across all of their platforms. The past few years at WWDC, Augmented Reality has been a star of the show, with the presence of an “AR demo table” on-stage signalling new updates.

This year, the AR announcements seemed more incremental and muted, coming toward the end of a long presentation. I asked a few developer friends (outside of AR circles) their impressions of what was announced. “People occlusion? There was an awkward Minecraft demo.”

After watching the keynote, I had a similar impression. But then I…

When Apple announced the iPhone back in 2007, many people bristled at the idea of a touchscreen. They’d tried touchscreen technology before — those horrible screens embedded in the back of airplane seats, where the touchscreen didn’t respond to touch correctly. That technology had been built in the way you might build a desktop UI, even expecting a precise point of input, like a mouse. I remember once watching a row of people delicately touching those screens with their fingernail — a technique they’d figured out was more successful at making it work. …

Andrew Hart

I’ve orbited the sun 28 times.

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