Apple Music Is Broken

Andrew Hart
3 min readJul 5, 2015


My experience with Apple Music has been a bad one. I want to cut right to it, and explain why. So I have three things, and the first is a revolutionary music service. But really, I have three points.

First point: I decided to add my favourite self-curated Spotify playlist, Energy, to Apple Music, song-by-song. I wanted to review the songs, maybe see if there’s more by each artist I could add in. I was looking forward to this process. First song is Half Light by Athlete.

I search in Apple Music, find the album it’s a part of, and right click to add to my playlist.

Oh, there’s no ‘Add To Playlist…’ option. I tried dragging it over, that definitely didn’t work. Ok, well what about that ‘…’ button. Surely that just brings up the same contextual menu, right?

This is… this is a different contextual menu. Which has a lot of the same options, but a lot of new options too. This isn’t a regular OS X contextual menu, and it doesn’t quite behave like one neither. It’s some co-existing alien control. And just look at this performance.

Alright, here we go — it’s in my playlist. But better check the playlist just to make sure.

Oh. It’s not there. I quit and re-opened. No song. No matter what I try, I cannot get the song in there.

Giving up on adding a song to a playlist, I decide to find new music using the Radio feature. So I right click on A Sky Full Of Stars by Coldplay, this time getting a lot more options in the menu for some reason.

And then here’s what happens next.

Unknown Title, and then nothing. I tried this a few times, and it’s never worked.

The third thing really got me. Now this is amazing. Another song, I want to add to my playlist. I right click, and Add To Playlist is an option again.

What? Those are not my playlists. Which raises a more serious question — if not mine, then whose playlists are they?

So there’s three things, just three of many. If I had to sum up my Apple Music experience.. in a gif?

Right, Dre?