Andrew Hart: Portfolio

I’m a 26-year-old Senior iOS developer with 6 years of development and product experience, based in London, England. I’ve worked on apps and games, for myself and for others, and also have experience in design.

The following is a list of my personal endeavours. I’ve produced a number of high-quality apps over time, at first while studying at university, and later on as a full-time occupation. I designed, developed and marketed all of these products.


June 2012

A personal diary app, allowing users to record diary entries, attach photos and video, bookmark the important moments, and keep it backed up and in sync with Evernote. My first foray into UI design, I paid special attention to the UI, with custom buttons and sound effects when tapped.

It gained positive reviews, and 200,000 downloads. Preshit Deorukhkar, writing for Beautiful Pixels, described “a suave UI and an elegant experience”.


September 2013

A talking alarm clock that would wake you up with the weather, news, your latest email, events and social updates. The voice of Siri would read out this information in a digestible format, specifically in the scope of “what’s important right now”.

AppAdvice called it useful, original and delightful, rating it “A+”.


May 2015

With a changed iOS landscape, and gained knowledge in user experience, I decided on a ground-up overhaul to Today. Summarise was a reincarnation featuring an all-new design, a more optimal set of features, and a set of new extensions available as in-app purchases. Importantly, it provided a framework for building future extensions with much ease.

Summarise debuted at Google Campus London’s TechHub Demo Night, and received a lot of interest from those in attendance. PocketMeta later said “Summarise makes up for some of Siri’s shortcomings… and with Summarise that future is already here.”

Raise Emoji

October 2015

With the launch of watchOS 2, I wanted to create an app that made sense for Apple Watch, and so decided on an emoji virtual pet. I used the opportunity to learn about the layout, animation and communication APIs of watchOS.

MacStories featured it as a handpicked, noteworthy release in their weekly newsletter.


February 2017

TwIM is a clean, modern messaging app powered by Twitter DMs.

Its total focus on messaging means it can deliver a great experience, with features such as in-line content previews, and the Extensions UI, for simple access to all types of message attachments.

TwIM launched in February, and was featured worldwide on the App Store. Its launch was also covered positively by 9to5Mac, MacRumors and CultOfMac, gaining it thousands of active users.