ISIS Was Created By US

Daesh Owes Its Existence to US ‘Philosophy of Dominance’ Which Led to Iraq War


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War Crime? American Forces Caught Using White Phosphorus Munitions in Iraq

In an interview with Sputnik, filmmaker Jacques Charmelot said that the 2003 takeover of Iraq by the United States ultimately resulted in the emergence of the terrorist group currently known as Daesh, the self-proclaimed caliphate alternately known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS.

Charmelot, who worked as a journalist in the Middle East, the Balkans and Africa, is also known for directing the documentary ‘Irak, une veritable imposture’ (Iraq, real imposture).

According to him, Washington’s intervention in Iraq was based on a false pretext and driven by its perpetrators’ personal financial ambitions.

“The intervention was certainly a mistake for the Americans, who suffered losses in Iraq, but it was not a mistake for those who capitalized on the three or five trillion dollars that was spent [on the Iraq War],” he said.

In this vein, he pointed the finger at the neo-conservatives, whom he described as “a group of ideologists who have been the pivot element of American power since the end of the Cold War.”

“They believe that the disappearance of (America’s) main rival meant that the US became the first and only world power and that [its might] should be used for effectively protecting American interests across the world,” Charmelot said.

In his opinion, “the philosophy of dominance” related to the US’s fight against terrorism and the proliferation of weapons which resulted in the protracted war.

“The US decided to fight countries that were involved with nuclear technology, in what would finally lead to a confrontation with Iraq or with Iran, which are seen as enemies. This fight against nuclear proliferation along with the US fight against terrorism which started in 2011 helped the neoconservatives to draw the country into a permanent war,” according to him.

“As far as the US’s interference in Iraq is concerned, it contributed considerably to the emergence of the extremist militants, called the Islamic State today and al-Qaeda yesterday. These extremists will long be the main actors in the Middle East’s geopolitical game,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has said that Washington is deploying an additional 615 soldiers to allegedly support Iraq’s military in retaking the Daesh-held northern Iraqi city of Mosul.

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According to Carter, the soldiers in the new deployment will serve in roles the US Defense Department describes as advice, assist, logistics and intelligence.

In July, Carter sent 560 US soldiers, mostly engineers and support personnel, to rebuild Iraq’s al-Asad Airbase and the Qayyarah Airbase, which were heavily damaged by US-led coalition artillery and aircraft fire during operations to dislodge Daesh terrorists.

The United States currently has about 5,200 military personnel in Iraq.

Mosul, one of the largest cities in Iraq, along with a number of other northern and western Iraqi towns and cities, were seized in 2014 during a Daesh offensive which saw the execution of hundreds of captured Iraqi soldiers. Daesh has been condemned by Russia, the United States and other nations.

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