Obama Doesn’t Understand He Is Hastening The End (Daniel 8:3)

Hezbollah Admits It’s Fighting In Iraq–Is This Why Obama Is Allowing Iran To Go Nuclear?

In his mind, this type of arrangement would make perfect sense.

L. Todd Wood — February 17, 2015

The Jerusalem Post reported over the long weekend that Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed terrorist organization based in Lebanon, admitted they are actively fighting the Islamic State alongside American, Kurdish, and other forces in Iraq. The Post writes: “Hezbollah, Lebanon’s Shiite militia is fighting the militant Islamic State of Iraq and Syria in Iraq, its chief Hassan Nasrallah revealed for the first time on while speaking to supporters in southern Beirut, AFP reported on Monday.”

We have written many times about the Obama administration’s allowance of Iran to gain a nuclear weapon, in spite of the dangers to our allies in the region as well as the direct threat to America herself. Could Obama be allowing Iran to get the bomb in exchange for Iran’s help in the fight against ISIS? We all know of Obama’s reluctance to completely commit America to fights in the Middle East, regardless of the consequences.

In his mind, this type of arrangement would make perfect sense. He protects his legacy and campaign commitments of removing America from Middle Eastern wars. He allows another Islamic country to fight ISIS.

The possibility of a rabid theocracy that has threatened to wipe the Jewish State off the face of the earth gaining a nuclear weapon (and actually having the capacity to do so) is really not a concern to our Dear Leader. The natural follow-on question is: is Obama arming Iran as well?

Could this be the reason the White House is so strongly against Congressional threats of renewed sanctions against Iran if they do not make progress on the nuclear weapons issue? Think about it. If this deal really is in place with Iran, and Congress mucks it up by actually forcing attention back to the initial goal of preventing Iran from going nuclear, that really screws up Obama’s plans– doesn’t it?

Is this the reason that Obama and his minions are so against the Israeli speech in front of Congress in a few weeks? For as Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said over the weekend: “If the American plan for dealing with Iran is so good, what is there to hide? Why not tell us all about it?”

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