The Scarlet Woman Will Launch The Nukes (Rev 17:4)

Clinton is going to press nuclear button: Libertarian nominee

Press TV

US Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson says Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is most likely to start a nuclear war if elected the president of the United States.

“I think she is going to press the button … She is going to be hawkish, she is going to be more hawkish in that role,” Johnson said on Wednesday in a University of New Hampshire town hall.

“I think that she is not going to air on the side of not being an aggressor,” he stated.

“I think she is going to shoot. She is going to shoot. She is not going to be herself. She is not going to be perceived as weak. She is going to shoot,” Johnson said.

Johnson’s running mate, former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld, said that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump could also not be trusted with the nuclear codes.

He said Trump should run a laundry business rather than campaigning to become the US president.

Several analysts also have said if Clinton gets elected president, she will push the US towards war with Russia or China.

A new poll however shows that nearly half of all voters believe that Trump, if elected president, would allow the use of a nuclear weapon to wage war against terrorist groups.

According to a poll conducted and released by SurveyMonkey on Friday, nearly half of voters, making up 46 percent of the people surveyed, said the New York businessman as president would authorize the use of a nuclear weapon or a nuclear device to launch an attack on the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group (ISIL) and other foreign enemies.

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