Diversity fail
Jessica Semaan

I don’t write well enough and often enough to get noticed like those guys. In fact I love reading Jon and co. They work too hard to just be thrown under the bus and go unnoticed. But at the same time, it probably isn’t okay to have the same faces and same voices week after week being on the front page; the other voices matter too but I don’t think anyone would disagree. But that’s just what you and I think.

This problem is complex. It almost reminds me of affirmative action: should Medium actively try to boost more authors from diverse backgrounds or should it let its intra-ecosystem carve out who’s the top and who’s not? Should an author be boosted on the merit of her writing or upon the moral obligation to include more writing from her slice of the diversity pie? Or both? But then wouldn’t the problem of having the same voices and faces arise again? Argh.

It really boils down to what we believe is the moral option and when morality comes around… there are never clear options.

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