More predictable bullshit.
Wil Wheaton

Complicating matters even further, Wil, is the GOP Civil War, which has raged since December 2012, beginning with the “autopsy”, the GOP’s fruitless and pathetic attempt to explain why Barack H. Obama, Jr., had beaten them a second time.

There are four Factions to the GOP Civil War…

Faction 1 are the ProtoFascist sociopaths, such as Dolt 45 and nearly all of his minions. The difference between this faction and the next two is that Faction 1 GOPers are relatively inexperienced in the ways of Fascism. VP Pence, USAG Sessions and Secretary Price are three of the few exceptions that are actually Faction 2 members.

Faction 2 are the PoliCon (politically Conservative) psychopaths. This is the group that actually controls the party and 98% of the media, even though they’re a minority within it. These are also the people who have most of the wealth of this country, which is why they own nearly all of the media. This group and the next group are well-versed in the ways of Fascism.

Faction 3 are the sociopaths or psychopaths in Moderate clothing. This group is unlucky enough to represent states or districts that are competitive, so, they must moderate themselves to insure election or re-election. All GOP politicians who are thought to be Moderates are members of this group, with Sen. Susan Collins of Maine being one of the best examples. Not only is this group well-versed in the ways of Fascism, but they also allow practicality/realism to make themselves look like Moderates.

Faction 4 are the VOTING supermajority (66%) of the GOP, the actual Moderates and Progressives. This group are the petulant children of the GOP, who realize that the other three groups don’t really represent them but, instead of voting for Democrats, who have represented them for several decades (at least since Reagan was in the White House), they either mindlessly vote for the GOP or stay home from the ballot box in “protest” of the first three groups. Their petulance doesn’t allow them to realize that, by refusing to vote for Democrats, they’ve allowed those other three groups to attain more political power. These idiots talk constantly talk about “taking the party” back, yet, when it comes to doing what needs to be done in order to do it, they retreat behind their petulance and cognitive dissonance.

There is a sad parallel of our political situation now and that of the George Orwell novel “1984” (which had record sales the first three months of 2017): The Party (GOP) and the Inner Party (the Fascist PoliCon psychopaths) rule Oceania as a minority (superminority, really) and the “Proles”, Proletariat, who are 85% of the population, don’t want to rebel. These days, Democrats truly represent 85% of this country’s population, but, because the PoliCon psychopaths have control of nearly all of the media and wealth, the GOP voting supermajority refuse to rebel and continue to vote (or not vote) against their own best interests.

The GOP Civil War is the reason that next to nothing is being done in DC. Were it not for the GOP Civil War, this country would already be the “Fascist Christian Plutartheocracy” the PoliCon psychopaths have wanted for several decades. The GOP Civil War is also the reason that the Congressional GOP is “slow-walking” an investigation into Dolt 45 and his administration, already the most corrupt in this country’s history. The first three factions realize that they’re in a “symbiotic” relationship, one of which they all need each other to survive. So long as the GOP have the majorities in Congress, they WILL NOT, I repeat, WILL NOT hold Dolt 45 accountable for his rampant criminality and corruption by impeaching and removing him. Quite frankly, the rest of the GOP are just as criminally corrupt as Dolt 45 and his minions are. Even though many of us warned the Moderate and Progressive Republicans to go vote for Democrats to stop this from happening, they didn’t want to listen. Now, we’re rightly calling the lot of you idiots that have nearly brought the rest of us down with you. How much more proof do you need that you have to start voting for Democrats? Oh, I forgot…the false equivalency narrative, developed by the PoliCon psychopaths more than 40 years ago, something of which you’ve swallowed whole, you ignorant Fascism-suborning jackasses.

BTW: the “bullshit” stories are deflection strategies meant to make people decide to give up on politics, exactly what the GOP’s politicians and operatives want.

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