Whenever A White Supremacist Says…
Son of Baldwin

If you think what happened in Beaverton is an “outlier”, let’s go back to that day in 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri, shall we?

Yes, we all know about the Michael Brown situation. I won’t get much into how Darren Wilson’s own stupidity led to him having to shoot Brown. But, on that very same day, in Texas, an elderly white man held the cops at bay in a standoff for several hours with a gun, even SHOOTING at the officers several times, before he was convinced to give up.

So, here’s the problem with the White Supremacists’ argument: in nearly every case where a PoC (Person of Color) was shot by a police officer, they were either innocent of any criminal charges or they were guilty of minor crimes that did not justify the use of force that was applied to them (Eric Garner is the best example). Meanwhile, you have white people who commit ACTUAL serious crimes that deserve deadly force, yet, they’re not subjected to it.

I’m a white person and even I can see how there’s pathetic hypocrisy and inconsistent enforcement of the laws in these situations. If white people, especially the criminals, were held to the same standard as minorities are, jails and prisons would be nearly full of white people. If you look at most prison populations (not all, but most), you’ll see that the white prisoners are the “worst of the worst” while there are a fair amount of minority prisoners who are there for crimes a lot more minor than the white prisoners.

I’ll not get into how White Supremacy is inexorably linked to Fascism and remind people that the Republicans are Fascists and their “Kissin’ Cousins” of politics, the Firebaggers (Libertarians) are Fascism-suborning, despite their cognitive dissonance, false equivalency and projectional hypocrisy arguments to the contrary; suffice it to say most police officers are Republicans and too many of them are psychopaths with guns and badges.

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