Hey Berniecrats, You Don’t Need to Destroy the Democratic Party to Launch a Movement
Sasha Stone

In response to the title of the article, actually, yes, the “BernieCrats” do need to destroy the Democratic Party to start a movement….why? Because that’s what they were hired to do.

You see, about 15 months ago, I got wind of a plan by the Fascist GOP PoliCons (political Conservatives; all of the GOP’s politicians are PoliCons) to hire “Firebagger” (Libertarian) trolls and operatives to infiltrate the Democratic Party and try to derail Hillary Clinton’s nomination by propping up Sanders.

The PoliCons knew very well that “their” candidate would have big problems against Clinton, so, it served their best interests to have Sanders win the Democratic nomination. However, the strategy ended up backfiring against them for two important reasons: Orange Mussolini (Donald Trump) and Sanders himself.

At the Democratic convention, Sanders got nearly 40% of the delegates before he moved to give all delegates to Clinton. And, no, the DNC didn’t “steal” the nomination from Sanders. If anything, Sanders nearly stole it from Clinton thanks to the Firebagger trolls/operatives. Then, the BernieCrats went even further with their anger: they completely ignored Sanders’ calls to vote for Clinton to keep OM out of the White House.

Then, there’s the guy who’s now our current president. Let it be known that nearly all of the PoliCons despise the man, but not for the reason you might think. He and his inexperienced Fascist minions have done a great job of ripping the veiled cover of PoliConism (political Conservatism). After it was obvious to them that OM was going to win “their” nomination, the PoliCons had a problem, their worst-case scenario: Clinton, the woman they didn’t want to face in the election, against the guy who got “their” nomination, a guy they despise.

The PoliCons, who control 98% of the media through 50 large media corporations, then had to re-aim their political “guns” at OM and try to prop up Clinton. The problem with that change in strategy was that it confused the VOTING supermajority of the GOP, the Moderates and Progressives, millions of whom turned out to be Sanders supporters. They correctly thought or asked, “after denigrating Clinton and her husband for the past quarter-century, why are you supporting her now?!?” As it turned out, nearly 40% of the eligible voters didn’t even bother to vote. You can bet that more than 75% of those who decided not to vote were GOP Moderates and Progressives.

But, as I pointed out in a Facebook note (since deleted) I wrote two weeks after the election called, “ENOUGH, PEOPLE!”, I correctly pointed out that it wasn’t any one or two things that derailed Clinton’s trip to the White House as President. Yuuuuge con jobs like the one pulled off by OM to be elected are more complicated than that. Comey announcing the “re-opening” of the case against Clinton didn’t help. Comey’s recent admission that OM and his minions had been under investigation since last summer but his refusal to release that fact also hurt Clinton. So did the Russian interference, the corrupt electoral infrastructure the GOP had built in the Red states, third-party candidates and the vote dilution/inflation problem with the Electoral College all led to Clinton’s “loss”. But, even with all of that, Clinton still won the popular vote by nearly 3 million, a fact that still irks OM and his minions. So much so that they keep repeating the PoliCon lie of “widespread voter fraud”. In fact….

The PoliCons, after it was apparent that OM was going to get their nomination, then had to reverse field on their Fascist propaganda and rhetoric. All of the sudden, you saw/heard PoliCons doing something I thought I’d NEVER see or hear: making the same arguments that Democrats/Liberals/Progressives do against the GOP’s Fascist propaganda to counteract OM and his minions. Now that OM is in the White House making the United States a worldwide political laughingstock each and every day of his presidency, the PoliCons have decided to do essentially the same thing they did to Barack Obama: be against anything he’s for. These are confusing political times in which we find ourselves now.

Most of that above is a “semi-digression”. Going back to the original point, the BerniCrats were HIRED to destroy the Democratic Party, or, at the very least, the Firebagger trolls/operatives were to bring about that downfall of the Democratic Party. Even now, the BernieCrats are making claims that are simply untrue, such as the complete BS that Sanders would have beaten OM (not a chance) and that it’s the Democrats’ fault that OM is President and the Fascist GOP PoliCons, who were left alone by the PoliCon-owned media, control Congress, other DC politics and 32 states in this Union. The PoliCons find themselves in the unenviable position of trying to “divorce” themselves from a president that shares their political affiliation. Don’t be fooled; all GOP politicians are not only PoliCons, but Federal criminals…. yes, ALL OF THEM. But….

As I’ve also correctly pointed out online many times lately, the rest of the GOP in DC and OM have a “symbiotic” relationship. They need each other. The other Fascist GOP PoliCons need OM in the White House to keep most of the heat off of them while OM needs the GOP in charge of Congress and DC politics to keep him in the White House. Have you wondered why, despite the fact that the OM administration is ALREADY the most corrupt presidential administration in this country’s history, the House GOP haven’t begun impeachment proceedings? That symbiotic relationship is the reason. But, this is what happens when you let the Fascist GOP PoliCons be in charge of anything….their Fascism, corruption, bigotry, hypocrisy, arrogance, insanity, etc., reigns supreme.

There is one point the author makes that is absolutely correct: the BernieCrats were, indeed, “ratfucked” or played by the PoliCons. But, the PoliCons made a huge strategical mistake that should, by all rights, lead to the downfall of the GOP….but only if the GOP Moderates and Progressives wake up and start doing what they needed to start doing in 1980: show up to the polls and vote for the group of people who truly represent them now, Democrats.