It’s a D*ck Thang — And Weinstein’s Just the Tip
Cynthia Dagnal-Myron

One thing about having Barack Obama, Jr., as the first biracial President of this country was that many found out that this country is not “post-racial”, hence, the reason why Black Lives Matter even exists.

Last year’s presidential campaign proved something else: we’re not post-misogynistic, either. When you evaluate how badly Hillary Clinton was treated during that campaign by her lunatic and Fascist opponents, it’s obvious that there’s much work to be done.

Earlier this year, on my Facebook timeline, I announced that I was “becoming Switzerland” (taking a position of neutrality) on gender and minority equality issues. Why did I decide to do that? Do I think equality for everybody is a bad idea? Heeellllll, nooo! If I thought that, I’d be a Fascist Republican that I so despise. Remember three of the 18 “defining characteristics” of Fascism: rampant sexism, where the regime (GOP here and now) is not only misogynistic, but also anti-abortion and homophobic; identification of enemies/scapegoats as a unifying cause and disdain for the importance of human rights. Too many don’t want to admit the sad truth that political Conservatism (PoliConism) has always been linked to Authoritarian-types of governments like Fascist regimes. Hence, the reason the GOP are Fascists or Fascism-suborners/enablers.

The reason I “became Switzerland” on gender and minority equality issues is that nearly all of the criticism and vitriol I received for such advocacy came from…… women and minorities. When I started advocating for gender and minority equality in the summer of 2011, I expected a lot of resistance and Fascist propaganda from GOP men; I was ready to refute their bullshit. Imagine my surprise, then, when it was women and minorities that subjected me to that criticism and vitriol. In doing research on the matter and to my horror, I discovered that there are about 75 MILLION Fascist female GOP traitors to their gender and that the Libertarian Party has a fair number of female and minority hypocrites, as well. I finally told my critics, who didn’t like me pointing out that the Republican and Libertarians are and have been their oppressors for a long time, “listen; I’m a white guy; if other white people won’t listen to me, what makes you think they’ll listen to you?!?”. The response, when I got one, was a recitation of the false equivalency narrative, that is, the bogus notion that Democrats and Republicans are the same.

I’ll move along to the Weinstein and Affleck situations. The Fascist GOP and Fascism-suborning/enabling Libertarians jumped on those situations to claim false equivalency yet again, making the claim that Democrats and supporters of the party are just as misogynistic/bigoted as they are. They also claim that Liberals/Progressives are going to be hypocrites by rushing to the defense of Msrs. Weinstein, Affleck, Cosby, etc., even though those same Liberals and Progressives are disgusted with them. But, then again, those Fascist GOPers, having been correctly criticized for their Fascism for years, were given the opportunity, in their minds, to throw people off their Fascist “scent” with the false equivalency narrative in regards to Weinstein, et. al.

Absolutely that it’s a “Dick thang”. However, let’s not lose sight of the fact that, in more than 90% of the cases where powerful men practiced misogyny to get what they wanted, it was REPUBLICAN men that did so. The claim has also been made, again based on false equivalency, that there an equal number of “extremists” on “both sides”. The truth of the matter is that the “Far Left” (Libertarians) and the “Far Right” psychopaths have been working together for nearly 20 years. Since the Far Left and Far Right have been working together for so long, that makes nearly all of the “extremists” from The Right or working for them. The sooner this country realizes that the Republican and Libertarian Parties are headed up by outright Fascists and supported by other Fascists or Fascism-suborners/enablers, the sooner problems such as misogyny and bigotry can be solved. As my experience has clearly shown, women and minorities have a lot of, no pun intended, “housecleaning” to do first.

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