Rod Sanders is either a liar, a fool or both. Even if he’s never been a “Repugnantcon”, he’s been nearly as bad, a Firebagger (Libertarian).

Rod’s argument is one I’ve heard/seen from many a Republican or Firebagger. In case you missed it, ladies and gentlemen: there are only two differences between those Firebaggers and the Fascist PoliCon minority that run the GOP…..civil liberties and this country’s “military footprint”. On every other subject, they agree.

Let’s start with civil liberties. Firebaggers believe in radical Liberalism and the unworkable and naive notion that all of our rights are “unlimited”. PoliCons, meanwhile, are “Neoliberals”, which they define as it’s only they, the PoliCons, that deserve the rights, privileges and liberties we’re supposed to have via the Constitution (read the Equal Protection Clause, first section of the 14th Amendment, to see what I mean). Not only that, the PoliCons believe that the rest of us should accept whatever rights, privileges and liberties they’re magnanimous enough to allow us to have. It is the essence of Authoritarian types of government like Fascist regimes: ruling via a minority.

On to the military footprint. The Firebaggers believe in the ridiculous notion that we should have the smallest military possible (not to mention civilian authorities) and have no overseas bases, etc. That’s in diametric opposition to the view of the PoliCons, who strictly adhere to the defining characteristic of Fascism known as “Avid Militarism/Supremacy of the Military”, where the regime (GOP here and now, despite their Fascist propaganda making baseless claims to the contrary) commits an inordinate amount of resources to the military and “national defense”, usually at the expense of other government programs, especially social service/welfare programs.

What we’re seeing now is, as I correctly pointed out in my original story, is the GOP Civil War raging on. You see the four factions blaming the others for the ills of the Republican Party and our politics in general. Even the Faction 4 Republicans, who really should know better, are trying to “divorce” themselves from the other three factions, whom they’ve enabled/suborned through their mindless obedience or petulant “protesting” of the Faction 2 control of the party. They do this by either voting for the GOP or staying home from the ballot box, which has allowed the PoliCon minority of this country, whom own 98% of the media and control 90% of the wealth, to essentially take control of it.

Rod Sanders makes the point that I “hate” Republicans. His analysis is correct; I do hate them because they were a once-proud political party, one born in Liberalism/Progressivism, that has almost completely abandoned those principles in favor of Authoritarianism/Fascism. You’re damn right I, the Fascist Hunter, hate Republicans; after all, I wouldn’t be the Fascist Hunter if I liked or tolerated Fascists/Fascism.

Oh, btw: I’m a Non-Affiliated voter (NAV) that hasn’t belonged to a political party since 1990. I am not wedded to the ideology or dogma of any party; I am wedded to the truth, facts, logic, reason and common sense of matters, especially political. Too many Republicans make the bogus argument that I give a “pass” to the Democratic Party. I have my problems with them, which are not nearly as numerous as the problems I have with the GOP and Firebaggers. Chief among those is that Democrats act like spineless jellyfish way too much of the time. It seems that there aren’t too many “old-school” Democrats like FDR, Truman, the Kennedys, etc., left in politics. Too many Democrats “go along to get along” while forgetting that they have to be just as “radically Liberal” as the GOP are “radically Conservative”. Too much of the time, Democrats run to the middle and hope the GOP will meet them there.

Rod, like nearly all other GOP and Firebaggers, don’t want to admit that Democrats truly represent 85% of this country’s population. The Firebaggers don’t want to admit that the two parties whose ideologies are closest to matching are NOT the GOP and Demos; it’s they and the GOP. Yet, we see/hear the cognitive dissonance, false equivalency and projectional hypocrisy (aka, “The Progression”) arguments constantly from them. Political Conservatism (PoliConism) and the PoliCon (politically Conservative) assholes that practice it are not only the problem with this country’s politics, but politics the world over. Easily 85–90% of this world’s population are against Authoritarian types of government like Fascist regimes. The problem is that the Authoritarians adhere to the two tenets of PoliConism, upward wealth and political power redistribution, which they have used to take control of the world’s politics. Just two days ago, France celebrated Bastille Day, the day in 1789 when the large supermajority of France stormed the Bastille, the castle of the French king, his family and the elites who supported him. That storming saw the beginning of thousands of executions via the guillotine. If the GOP continue doing the same thing the French monarchy and elites did, they may suffer somewhat of the same fate. My fear is that the GOP and Firebaggers will give this country no choice but to rebel violently; so long as legal means are available (and there are), my preference is that those legal means be used to topple the Fascist GOP regime.

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